Say happy new year in the Japanese Language

By | July 28, 2021
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So if you are searching for how to say a happy new year in Japanese, then today I will tell you the simple and easy way to wish new year in the Japanese Language. So as well all are aware new year is in our door, and you wanted to wish your friends, family, and love once. However, this is very simple to say Happy new year in Japanese, but some people are confused about this. I will be going to clear that confusion in few seconds. 

how to say a happy new year in Japanese

If you are from any country and want to wish your friend or any person a happy new year. 

  • Happy New Year In the English Language – Happy New year 
  • Happy New Year In the Japanese Language – あけましておめでとう
  • Say New Year In Japanese – Akemashite omedetō

So these are the simple and best ways to wish the new year in Japanese. So I hope you understand and keep sharing If your friends require this. 

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