Vex Will be League’s First Yordle Champion In the last five years.

By | September 4, 2021
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Yesterday’s announcement of League of Legends, the latest upcoming champion vex in mind, has recorded a new milestone in the Yordle history books. So if you are fans of Yordle champions, then it will be coming very soon. Vex will be the first character to join a league since Kled In 2016.

However, vex will be the 1st female in this over nine years. Considering lulu was the last to be released nearly a decade ago. In 10 Years, just four yordles have been released in League. Ziggs, Gnar, Lulu & Kled. We all know that Ziggs & Lulu were released in 2012, and we also know that kled and Gnar were released in 2014 & 2016.

Vex will be going to join the ranks of the 14 other yordles in the League. Riot Released 9 Yordle champions in the first three years of the same existence.

Riot Game is not announced yet, not as we release date for vex, but the developer mentioned that she would be joining the game’s roster this month. She was judging by Historical campion releases. So it might be she will be coming very soon in this month.

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