Why people are asking Arrest Coaching mafia | Kahan Sir #StudentProtest

By | January 28, 2022
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So now might be you are not aware of the students protest however this already taken very badly. But somewhere some political party is trying to put themself on that. but here we are not going to discuss political parties.

But we are going to talk about why people are talking about khan sir however he is one of the best online teachers who helped a lot of students to make their living.

Some of the people are misleading this Khan Sir video which was uploaded a few days ago, however, they didn’t say anything against any once, he just shared his points to the people.

So the basic thing is starting from RRB NTPC Scam which start the vacancy in 2019 but till now nothing is fully confirmed. When Khan Sir uploaded the video some of the people take this on the wrong side and fir against khan sir.

Before telling anything just check out the full video of khan sir.

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